About the Conference:

Date: Saturday, October 15 / Time: 9.30 – 4.00 / Location: Stokes Hall South 195

This one-day colloquium brings the exciting worlds of Virtual Reality, Immersive Technology, and gamification to Boston College students and faculty. The day will open with a stellar lineup of speakers working with VR in gamifiction of literary spaces, historical re-creations, and art history and curation. The colloquium will further feature a keynote and one other main speaker, followed by three “flash” presentations. Later that afternoon, our presenters will lead workshops and answer questions about the new world of gamification: the day is designed so that students bring concrete skills away with them. Alongside the above will be a demonstration of 3D immersive technology and updates by our students on Joycestick, Professor Joe Nugent’s immersive Ulysses experience.

The goal of this conference is ultimately to expose our students to the possibilities of VR in their studies and portfolios, assist faculty and staff imagine the immersive classroom of the future, enthuse and assist those students actively involved in VR projects by guiding them along the multiple and ever-changing future pathways of VR, build relationships that will help the post-production life of the products of Analyzing Ulysses and the game Joycestick